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Clear Guidance Through The SSDI/SSI Application Process

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be an intimidating process. The complex government forms and definitions, the strict standards required to prove your disability, and a lack of responsiveness from the Social Security Administration can confuse and frustrate even the most meticulous applicants.

At The Law Office of Adam Casner, PLLC, attorney Adam Casner is dedicated to providing clear, compassionate guidance to Texans throughout the Social Security Disability application process. He can help you determine whether you may be eligible for benefits, assist you in preparing a robust application, and appeal your application if it is denied.

Are You Eligible?

The Social Security Administration defines “disabled” as having a condition which makes you unable to earn a minimum monthly income for at least 12 months, or as having a condition which is expected to be fatal. This condition can be physical and/or mental. You must meet this definition in order to qualify for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

If you believe you are disabled under this definition, you must submit an application for Social Security Disability benefits that documents your disability. This documentation must include evidence, provided by a health professional, that confirms the nature and extent of your disability.

The Social Security Administration has an official list (called the “Blue Book”) of approved medical disabilities. However, the administration evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis – and you may be eligible to receive benefits even if your condition does not appear in the Blue Book.

After Your Initial Application Is Reviewed

After your initial application is reviewed by the Social Security Administration, the evaluation process is not yet complete. If your application is not initially granted, then it will undergo a second review by local Social Security officials called reconsideration. If your application is still denied, then you can appeal and receive a hearing before by a federal administrative law judge (ALJ). Only after your application has been approved will you be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits, which may include an amount of back pay for the time it was processing, depending on your claim.

It is important to note that only 18% of new applications are approved. From its Austin metro location, The Law Office of Adam Casner, PLLC, serves clients across Texas. Adam can help you assemble a strong application and avoid damaging mistakes and can guide you through the appeals process if your application has been denied.

Get A Trusted Partner In The Application Process

The Social Security Disability application process can seem like a maze separating you from the benefits you need. Don’t navigate it alone; put a trusted, capable attorney on your side. Call The Law Office of Adam Casner, PLLC, at 512-764-3975 or complete an online form to schedule your free consultation.